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Restoring Opportunity, Protecting Our Rights

California remains a wonderful place to live.  But we face many challenges to keeping our future strong.

Access to a high-quality education and the opportunities it provides is fading. Women’s rights, once a shining example around the world, are under attack.  Our world-class universities, roads, water systems and other infrastructure are in serious decline.

And what are Sacramento politicians doing?  Living it up and finding themselves in scandal.

Enough.  Let’s restore California to its status as the Golden Land of Opportunity.  We need to:

Guarantee Access to Education

Access to good schools and public universities has been shrinking for a long time.  Education is the key to good-paying jobs, upward mobility, and a strong social fabric that supports progressive values.  Silicon Valley sprung up in part because our education system was the best.

Now, K-12 schools rank near the bottom nationally.  Our universities are so starved for funding that they’re raising tuition year after year and bringing out-of-state students and their higher tuition payments to campuses in record numbers.

We need to devote ourselves to an educational future that thinks big, invests big and puts education ahead of every other priority.  We need to reduce university and community college tuitions.  Put more resources into K-12 classrooms—more teacher’s aides, more tech-based learning, more training for teachers.

Guarantee Women’s Rights to Reproductive Health

For generations, California has pioneered the expansion of personal freedoms.  Civil Rights for peoples of color.  Choice.  Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender rights.  We have led the way for so many important achievements in personal freedom.

But, now we there is a national and in-state attack on the rights of women.  Threats to cut contraception funding.  Threats to access to safe and legal abortions. Even an open willingness by candidates and celebrities to demean women by using language that has no place in public discourse, let alone a locker room (yes, Rush Limbaugh, I mean you and others like you).  The attacks are here and they’re real.

We need to reaffirm our commitment to a woman’s right to choose.  We need to pass Senator Chris Kehoe’s SB 1338, which expands our right to choose the provider we want.  Currently, male senators of both parties are holding the bill up.  That’s wrong.

I’ll work with legislators like Chris Kehoe to guard our rights.  You can count on me.

Guarantee Sacramento is Accountable

The Legislature is more frat house than statehouse these days.  Tax dollars fund cars, drivers, and healthcare for legislators.  And recently they sued in court for the right to get paid when the budget is late or unbalanced.  Even after Californians voted to stop paying them.

We need our elected officials to hold themselves to a higher standard.  At least three legislators have been arrested in the past three months for committing crimes.  That’s a disgrace.

I am not a politician, rather I’m someone who has been active in the community, working with local leaders to get results.  I’m running with a profound desire to give back to the state that has offered me a chance at a better life.  This is not a stepping stone to higher office.

That’s the style I’ll take to Sacramento.   I’ll make you proud.